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Tantric massage is one of the most powerful tantric rituals. Tantra massage allows you to learn the basics of sexual yoga, for beginners and advanced yogis. By practicing this type of massage you evolve in your sensitivity, your breathing capacity, your handling of sexual energy, your orgasmic capacity and your sexual healing power, among many other things. These are some of the topics we study in a Tantric Massage course in London:

Yoni Massage

yoni massage london

Yoni massage heals female sexuality and empowers women internally, reflecting that inner beauty externally. Empowered women radiate life.

Lingam Massage

lingam massage london

Lingam massage heals male sexuality and empowers any man internally, reflecting that inner power externally. Linga represents the male divinity.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage can be used to give more sexual power to tantric massage sessions. Sensual massage is a useful tool in Tantra, but not the main objective.

Sexual Yoga

sex yoga online course

Sexual yoga gives us a wide variety of techniques to learn how to manage our sexual energy and fill us with vitality through sacred sexuality, as a couple or individually