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Tantra is a practical spiritual philosophy that involves body, mind and soul, including sexuality as a tool for personal and spiritual development. Tantra courses are a way to learn powerful tantric techniques: Yoga, asanas (postures), pranayamas (tantric breathing), meditation, Ayurvedic medicine and sexual yoga. Sexual Yoga gives you a deep knowledge in Tantric massage, self-massage, mahabakti (Tantric oral sex), erotic massage, maithuna (Tantric sex).

Tantra Workshops in London

tantra learning london

This 2020 has seen the popularization of online learning, which is why it has become so important to be able to take online Tantra courses in London or any other city. These are some of the tantric workshops you can study.

Tantric Massage Course

In the Tantric massage workshops you will study some of the best ways to transmit this mystical path of Tantra through massage, breathing and the handling of sexual energy.

Tantra Online Courses

You can learn Tantra philosophy on the Internet, in the privacy of your own home. Learn all about sexual magic with online Tantra workshops.

Erotic Massage Course

If you prefer to specialize in body pleasure, you have a choice of taking erotic massage workshops for women for men or for couples. We trained tantra massage therapists like masseuses from artmassageshenzhen.cn.

Sexual Yoga Courses

You can empower your sexuality by learning sexual yoga techniques. There are sexual yoga workshops for women, men and couples, both in person and online. You deserve to feel pleasure and tantric orgasms.